Dr Ryan Hamdy


Dr. Ryan Hamdy, a General Practitioner with 15 years of experience. He has over 12 years in the Aesthetic Business, owns and directs Renew Clinic in Cheshire, chairs Aesthetics Academy in Chester, and runs a support and networking group for Injectors in the Northwest. Dr. Hamdy is the Director of Face and Co., a company with plans for a national network of clinics. Additionally, he owns CISC Training, a cutting-edge training facility for the Aesthetics and Beauty Industry. He also works as a clinician at Nassif Med Spa UK in Media City, associated with renowned Plastic Surgeon Paul Nassif. Dr. Hamdy qualified as a Medical Practitioner in 1987 and became a GP in 1995 after extensive hospital training. He also worked as a Clinical Assistant in Dermatology from 2005 to 2008. . He has recently been appointed as a KOL for DermaFocus polynucleotide range.

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